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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Your Commercial Restoration Partner.

No one fully expects water damage to strike a business. It could be caused by storms or something as simple as a burst pipe. Once it happens, it can quickly spread across a building, causing permanent stains, damaging upholstery, books, and other items. They can disintegrate and metal surfaces like factory equipment can start rusting. So, when it does happen, its critical to have a ready partner who is always prepared to tackle this challenge and restore things back to order. The Assured Restoration team has the technical expertise and equipment to combat the devastation that water damage causes, so you can bounce back to business as soon as possible.

How Quick Should You Act?

The longer water damage goes without being acted on, the higher the costs of restoration, and the longer the time spent to recover revenue. Mold and bacteria from stagnant water can generate unpleasant odours, which put your health and those of your staff at risk. It can damage components of your structure, such as doors, windows, frames, and walls, as they break and peel off. We understand this; that’s why our services are available 24 hours a day, all year round. With our advanced equipment, we can combat disaster of any size.

When you count on the Assured Restoration team to handle water disasters that grind business to a halt, you’re assured of a well-trained team that responds rapidly to your water emergencies. This guarantees that water damage is limited, expedited drying of residual water that is easy to miss when things are dragged. Our fast services also reduce cost for you, so you have more funds to get your business back on track. We utilize high-speed air movers and industrial grade dehumidifiers to force dry air to dispel clogged wet areas.  We also look ensure to deal with the sources of water damage, such as broken pipes, roofs, and other inlets of water. By considering this, we can determine the extent of damage and put together a restoration plan unique to your situation.

What Is The Restoration Process?

Our certified crew are competent to handle the restoration process, from the removal stage, down to the dehumidifying and mitigating contamination.  Through all these, excellence is the touchstone of our business. Our work process involves proper documentation and monitoring of the entire process, until your business premises is dried and ready for business. Our restoration services are focused on eliminating the damage caused by storms. We also invest in structural drying equipment, so that your buildings do not deteriorate after the water has been successfully removed. This component of the job is important. To prevent water damage from spreading further, humidity must be lowered. That’s why we don’t compromise when it comes to quality equipment.

With us, your furniture, documents and business equipment are safe.  Our unique restoration process starts with an assessment of the extent of water damage to determine the extent of our services needed. We also ensure to remove all items that can be salvaged before we commence water removal processes.

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