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Fire Damage Restoration Boca Raton

Take proactive steps to return your food service business to pristine condition after a flood, fire, or mold outbreak with our team at Assured Restoration. Our highly trained technicians take care of food service facilities restoration in West Palm Beach, FL.

We also handle healthcare restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. Set up an appointment to get professional assistance by calling (561) 286-4297.

Types of Facilities We Assist in West Palm Beach

Do you operate a food service facility in Florida? If so, you can reach out to us at any time of day to get the help you need. Our emergency team stays on call 24/7/365 to help clients in your situation. Reach out to us after you experience damage to your:

  •     Commercial kitchen
  •     Food processing plant
  •     Food manufacturing facility

We provide restoration services to cafeterias, restaurants, and even fast-food places. Allow us to put our experience and training to work for you right away.

Food Service Facilities Restoration

We Understand Food Service Restoration

Completing food service facilities restoration in West Palm Beach, FL, allows us to restore your business to pristine condition. We utilize top-of-the-line professional equipment to handle repairs and clean-up.

Our crews understand the health codes and regulations you operate under when you run a food service facility. We take the time to restore your facility to a condition that allows you to pass inspections by the state and local government.

Types of Food Service Facility Damage

Our team has the experience to handle your food service business restoration needs. We take care of:

We focus on offering you comprehensive clean-up and restoration services. Technicians use their training to extract water from your property, handle dehumidification, and assess any structural damage caused by excess moisture.

We know that mold grows quickly in damp and dark environments. We perform mold inspections after water damage events and take care of mold remediation if we notice any signs of an infestation.

Our crews also have the training to take care of fire damage restoration, including the removal of ash, soot, and smoke. Allow us to perform emergency clean-up and help you file any insurance claims associated with the damage to your food service business in West Palm Beach.

Fast Help for Food Service Restoration in Florida

Don’t wait to set up food service facilities restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. Speak with members of our team at Assured Restoration around the clock to get assistance after a flood, pipe burst, fire, or mold infestation.

Our commercial water damage restoration professionals in West Palm Beach put you first after a property damage event. Learn more about how we could help by calling (561) 286-4297.


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