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Fire Damage Restoration Boynton Beach

Water and fire damage can cause extreme damage to healthcare facilities in South Florida, but the responsibility that these businesses have to care for patients doesn’t disappear when disasters arise. From flooding during severe storms to smoke damage from a fire, healthcare facilities need prompt restoration services to help get them operating once more. Restoration services by Assured Restoration aim to get medical facilities open again to resume business. 

At Assured Restoration, our professional restoration team understands how important a quick and thorough restoration job is for a healthcare facility and works to mitigate the damage as well as prevent future accidents from happening. When your senior care facility, rehabilitation center, healthcare office, or other healthcare facility suffers damage, we ensure a quick resolution that covers damage repairs, renovations, cleaning, and more.

Healthcare Facilities Restoration in West Palm Beach, FL

Emergency Healthcare Facilities Restoration Services

Extensive water and fire damage can cause severe electrical issues, encourage the spread of mold growth, or put your healthcare facility’s structural integrity at risk. Our team performs the following activities to facilitate restoration:

  •     Making necessary repairs to medical equipment
  •     Restoring the facility’s structure
  •     Cleaning up water damage, soot, mold, and other aftereffects
  •     Inspecting and repairing wiring
  •     Removing foul odors and cleaning air ducts

The longer you wait for healthcare facilities restoration services, the more damage will occur, even after the accident passes. Mold spores continue to spread and smoke corrodes materials. We provide an emergency response to serious restoration requests at healthcare facilities. 

A Personal Approach to Restoration in West Palm Beach

Although storms and flooding are a widespread occurrence warranting services, healthcare facilities restoration in West Palm Beach, FL, doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Unlike other restoration companies in the area, we work directly with you to restore your healthcare facility and implement advanced technology to aid in the facility’s speedy recovery while resolving damage. Our team can handle a variety of issues, including:

  •     Water damage
  •     Fire and smoke damage
  •     Mold and mildew

We also cover project management for your restoration project so you can focus on other aspects of recovering your business. As a complete property damage specialist, we offer advice on filing a claim with your insurance company and can even bill them on your behalf to help you save time and energy.

Why Is Assured Restoration the Right Choice?

When your commercial business suffers damage from a flood or storm, seek the advice and assistance of commercial water damage restoration by Assured Restoration. Assured Restoration stands as an authority in residential and commercial business restoration in South Florida. Our certified team combines education with experience to provide a versatile property damage solution.

Call Assured Restoration for customer-centric healthcare facilities restoration in West Palm Beach, FL, today at 561-286-4297.




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