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Fire Damage Restoration Boynton Beach

Fire and water damage can strike education facilities such as schools, colleges, and institutes at any time. Such damage takes an especially heavy toll since it can interrupt student learning for months on end.

At Assured Restoration, our damage restoration professionals in West Palm Beach roll up their sleeves and restore your school. Contact us at (561) 286-4297 if you need first-rate education facilities damage restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. 

Water Damage Restoration

Florida residents are no strangers to water damage caused by heavy rain, storms, and hurricanes. Unfortunately, these acts of nature do not spare educational facilities. Even one burst pipe can incur devastating water damage throughout a learning institution.

Besides structural damage to the building, damage to items such as books, desks, and teaching equipment can set students back. Furthermore, lingering water damage can cause health problems for students and staff. 

Our team is well experienced in education facilities damage restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. Here’s what we do to get your school up and running again after water damage:

  • Damage assessment. We not only assess the visible water damage but also look for hidden damage in every nook and cranny.
  • Water removal. Our industrial-strength pumps extract up to thousands of gallons of water at a time.
  • Drying. After we extract all the water, we use heavy-duty drying equipment to dry and dehumidify the building.
  • Mold prevention. Removing water is only the first part of damage restoration. We also check for mold, which can form quickly after the damage. We ensure mold gets no opportunity to take hold in the facility.
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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage also affects educational facilities, especially those that are older. Besides causing direct damage, a fire may also leave behind noxious smoke and soot. There may also be hard-to-detect structural building damage.

After firefighters, we’re the first line of defense in preserving your educational facility. Our fire restoration process consists of:

  • Damage evaluation. We first assess the obvious and non-obvious fire damage throughout the building.
  • Residual removal. We use hydroxyl generators to remove the soot, smoke, and malodorous materials the fire left behind. We also clean furniture and other materials that may have absorbed smoke and other toxins.
  • Water damage restoration. The water to put out the fire likely caused its own damage. We remove the remaining moisture, then restore any water-damaged structures or items.
  • Structural rebuilding. We repair drywall and other crucial edifices to ensure your facility is structurally sound before it reopens.

Want to learn more about fire damage restoration and water restoration? Call us at (561) 286-4297  for top-standard education facilities damage restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. We work tirelessly 24/7 and your safety is our top priority.


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