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Fire Damage Restoration West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can devastate a business and it doesn’t end at that. After a fire outbreak, you still have to deal with the smoke and soot that it causes. Let’s not forget the damage caused by water used by firefighters and fire suppressing mechanisms. The longer that you go without putting things back on track after a fire outbreak, the more revenue and productivity you lose. That is just what our services at Assured Restoration are designed to prevent.

The devastation of fire is one of the most devastating hits a business can suffer. You only begin to realise the full extent of the damage after the fire fighting trucks leave. We are the next set of professionals that you should call at this point.  Our certified team have the requisite training to handle restoration for your business in the aftermath of damage caused by a fire outbreak, so you can get back to business as usual. Our services also extend to removing the smoke, soot, and odour that can last beyond the normal post-fire clean-up.

24/7 Fire Damage Restoration Services

Restoration will surely take some time, but how long? The answer depends on how badly the fire hit your place. Each case is unique and requires urgent expert handling to account for losses and the estimated time required for recovery

If you are late in reacting to a fire, your losses can be greater than they should be. So you need to contact a professional immediately after the incident occurs.

We Are Here For You 24/7

Our services are available in West Palm Beach 24/7, all year round. Our response time is also very short, as we understand the difference a few minutes can make, in dealing with fire damage, even if its just kitchen fire. One of the nasty results of a fire outbreak is the powdery smoke and soot particles that can block air vents, and blacken walls and other surfaces in your property. These residues are mostly acidic, so they don’t just affect the aesthetic appeal of your structures, they also pose a health risk, and damage the material used for flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture. If this is not dealt with, you might incur extra costs to replace these items after a fire outbreak.

What Is The Restoration Process?

Our approach in dealing with fires involves identifying the source of the fire. This is necessary so we can tell what type of fire it was and possibly give recommendations to avoid a repeat occurrence. We will also evaluate the wet areas as a result of firefighting to quench the fire. We do this so we can determine the right treatment, in the event that it might lead to water damage. We also consider sensitive materials in the area that might have survived a fire, but would be damaged by smoke and soot.

As such, our commercial fire damage restoration services encompass water damage restoration, soot and smoke removal, content clean-up, structural rebuilding, and demolition services. Our clean-up method will differ, depending on the type of soot we’re dealing with. But generally, we’ll use hydroxyl generators to remove smoke odours. We ensure to keep all your important documents, items, and salvageable documents in safekeeping, pending the completion of the restoration exercise.  To put your structure back in tip-top shape for reopening day, we do everything from drywall replacement, down to floor replacement to conceal cracks. If push comes to shove, we’re also capable of demolishing condemned portions of the building to pave the way for new construction.


Get Professional Help

Contact us for quick fire damage restoration services in West Palm Beach & we will assist you with things that need to be done after the fire. Local authorities will call you multiple times. You will need a licensed public adjuster that is both experienced and reliable to take care of your damage from the incident.

Get in touch with a fire damage restoration West Palm Beach service that knows how to deal with your insurance company. The presence of your lawyer or public adjuster will be essential, so appoint them to represent you on your claim.

According to The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), using public adjusters allowed policy holders to get 574% more cash for non-catastrophic claims than those who handled the process on their own.

Why Choose Assured Restoration?

Assured Restoration paves the road to recovery for homes and businesses in and around West Palm Beach, Florida. We work 24/7 to ensure that you get a fast response the moment you drop us a call.

We can help you immediately anytime you need us, to minimize the losses you suffer from a fire. Our experienced team will make your needs their top priority and take a good care of your property.

Don’t just believe our words, but let our action be the proof of what we say. Our work is driven by the passion to get your damaged building back to normal in the most efficient way.

Please contact Assured Restoration today to get advice about the current situation that you are in.

The Services You Will Get From Us

Assured Restoration performs the following services:

  • Eliminating smoke smell
  • Cleaning upholstery and washing the fabric
  • Fixing water damage
  • Providing emergency cleaning and sanitation
  • Providing temporary protection to your property


West Palm Beach Fire Damage Restoration & Cleanup

West Palm Beach Smoke & Soot Cleanup

West Palm Beach Smoke Damage Repair & Restoration

Things to Do Immediately After a Fire


Check If Your Family is Safe:

A fire can be devastating, but don’t make your situation worse by reacting to it the wrong way. The first thing to do after such an incident is to make sure that your whole family is safe and sound.

Avoid Doing Unsafe Activities:

Don’t touch anything in your house after a fire so that no soot particles settle into your upholstery or rugs. Place a blanket on your furniture to protect it from more damage.

Below are more don'ts after a fire:
  • Don’t try to clean your walls and rugs on your own. Call Assured Restoration for proper cleaning
  • Don’t touch appliances that were close to the fire
  • Don’t use any electrical, water or gas equipment’s before your home is inspected by our expert team
  • Don’t start your vehicle if it was on fire
Why hire a professional public adjuster?


  • You only pay them if you get a settlement. If you don’t, you don’t need to pay them
  • The adjuster sent by the insurance company doesn’t work on your behalf, so their presence will not benefit you
  • Your claim will be settled for a fraction of its actual value
  • You can never negotiate provisions in your insurance contract
  • Your insurance company only acts in their own best interest, not yours