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Mold is a risk to both health and property values. Warm, humid climates, such as those found in Florida, promote mold growth. For this reason, it is generally a good idea to have a house inspected for mold before buying it. This is especially true if the walk-through of the property revealed evidence of water damage.

The Walk-Through

Buying a home sight unseen is generally not a good idea. Most homebuyers view the house in a walk-through with their agent. When the seller’s real estate agent shows you the property, keep an eye out for mold in the following locations.

  • Areas of the house that do not get much ventilation
  • Areas around pipes, which may have suffered water damage
  • Basements, which may have flooded in the past
  • Attics, which might have water damage from roof leaks
  • Rooms in the house where moisture is commonly present, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms

If any of these areas show signs of discoloration, odors, or persistent dampness, it may be a sign to schedule an inspection. The mold inspection cost is small compared to the long-term costs of buying a home that has mold issues.

Does the Seller Have to Disclose Mold Problems?

You cannot always count on the seller to provide the details. Florida Law requires sellers to disclose material defects in the property before the sale. 

However, standard house inspections often do not look for mold. The seller could claim to be unaware of mold infestation. To protect yourself and your family from any surprises, we recommend ordering a mold inspection in addition to the standard house inspection.

Getting a Mold Inspection

Assured Restoration offers professional mold inspection and remediation services in West Palm Beach, FL. We conduct air tests as well as visual inspection because mold spores can be present even in areas without visible mold. 

If There Is Mold, What Do I Do About It?

If mold is discovered, it might not be a dealbreaker for the sale. However, it is a good idea to ask the seller to reduce the price of the house to account for the cost of remediation. 

Once the mold infestation is known, Florida law would prevent the seller from concealing the presence of mold if selling the house to another prospective buyer. Assured Restoration provides free estimates for mold remediation work.  

Once you have bought the house, it is important to schedule mold remediation as soon as possible to prevent the further spread of mold and additional property damage. Assured Restoration can eradicate the mold, safely dispose of any materials contaminated with mold, and ensure that the air in your home or business is free of harmful mold spores. We can treat even persistent black mold.

If you’ve been wondering, “Should I get a mold inspection when buying a house?”, we hope this article has helped you make up your mind. You don’t have to let good real estate opportunities slip away because of worries about mold, or get stuck with a house in need of mold remediation. Call Assured Restoration in West Palm Beach, FL at 561-286-4297 to schedule an appointment today.