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If you’re like many people, you may have had a small mishap in the kitchen, or maybe something short circuited while working on a DIY project and small fires broke out. One mainstay of fires is the horrible smokey smell that sticks to everything. If you’ve ever gone camping and stayed near a campfire, you know how difficult it is to get rid of the smoke odor. You should know that there are ways to deal with the smell effectively, so you don’t have to think you’re stuck with the smell forever. Though dealing with the smell is different depending on how severe the fire was in the first place, as higher temperatures generally leads to higher smoke absorption in most materials.

First of all, it is essential to get rid of and dispose of burnt materials from the area. For the most part, the burnt materials are the source of the smell. If they remain within your home, getting rid of the smell gets that much harder. Though of course, every situation is different, and there will be scenarios in which you cannot remove burnt materials. The solution in this case is the use of sealant to materials or areas that cannot be removed to seal the odor in. Apply the sealant on the source of the odor, trapping the smell.
Once you have removed the burnt material and sealed away the odor you could, now you should clean the area. Mostly to get rid of dust and soot through vacuuming, but the larger particulates should be easy to get rid of through dry-chem sponge cleaning. This process is important, as it does not use water, which would smear the soot and smoke odor, instead of absorbing it.
Once that is done, you can get to work filtering the actual air out of particulates, specifically carbon. Install an Air filtration device, make sure to use the unit with carbon filters. Filtering out carbon is what is going to help in getting rid of the smoke odor from your home.

Next your goal should be to use a deodorizing agent to penetrate the material affected and aid in getting rid of the smoke odor from fire damage. You should be able to get deodorizing agent from common home hardware stores. Make sure to follow directions on your product properly to get the best and most efficient use out of it. Generally you want to spray the agent where it will be best absorbed, your carpets and walls should be a good target for this. The material should be absorbed and once it dries out you should notice a difference in odor, this should allow you to assess whether the amount you used was enough, if it was not, go for another round of applying more deodorizing agent.

All this advice should work well together in getting rid of smokey smells from your home. This is mostly geared towards more minor fire damage. Taking care of more severe fire damage should be left to professionals.