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Assured Restoration is a full-service restoration company helping thousands of Palm Beach properties recover from damage each year. Our team specializes in emergency restoration services to save you time and money. 

But what is the difference between a restoration contractor and a general contractor? We’ll discuss that and much more in this blog post. 

What Is a General Contractor? 

Let’s start with the role of a general contractor. A general contractor is a professional you hire to perform a project. These projects can range from construction jobs to lawn maintenance tasks. People rely on general contractors’ expertise in their field to accomplish their given task. 

Contractors collaborate with you to strategize the best method to address your problem. They’ll create a plan of action and estimate the length of the project. Depending on the project, general contractors may hire subcontractors to assist them with the restoration job. 

Contractors are knowledgeable about the policies and compliances of the area they serve to ensure they’re never breaking any rules. 

The benefit of hiring a general contractor for your home or business is you remove your personal liability. When a contractor agrees to a job, they take on all the responsibility. If anything were to go wrong, the contractor would be fully liable. 

Make sure that the contractor you hire has insurance and a contractor’s license. 

What Is a Restoration Contractor? 

A restoration contractor works with homes or businesses following an emergency that damages their building. These emergencies include natural disasters, fires, floods, mold and more. 

Restoration companies will assess your home or business for damage and have the equipment to handle major issues such as flooding. A typical contractor won’t have the required materials such as dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the area. Restoration companies are also typically familiar with the insurance claim process and can help you to navigate it in most cases. Restoration contracts will also be licensed to handle these kind of jobs and should be IICRC certified.

If you are facing emergency water damage, it is best to move forward with a restoration company. They will assist you with your insurance claims and have more experience with specific restoration tasks. 

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